Application Form

    This may be done by personally contacting a Committee member or by stating intent and requesting a membership application form via the Club’s website and sending the filled in application form via email to

    1) On receipt of the initial enquiry, the Club Secretariat will guide the applicant to which choice of class of membership may be more suitable.

    2) The completed application may be either returned, by hand, by standard mail to the Club at:

    Royal Malta Yacht Club, Ta’Xbiex Seafront, Ta’Xbiex XBX 1028

    or via return email to:

    Please ensure to mark subject field with the text  Membership Application

    3) The applicable fees should also be submitted at the time of application, as directed.

    4) It is very important that all the fields in the membership form are duly filled and properly answered as failure to do so may stall the application process.

    5) It is mandatory that any potential member has to be proposed and seconded for membership by two, long standing, full members of the Club. Both the proposer and the seconder should have been full members for a minimum period of two consecutive years prior to the date of application.

    6) The said letter of proposal for membership has to reach the Club in such form and is to be attached to the membership application.

    7) Any other information which the potential member may deem fit to add so as to aid  his application, should also be attached to the said application and all documents are to be sent in one bound batch.

    Upon receipt of all relevant documentation, the application for membership will be processed by the Club’s membership vetting board and the potential member will be notified and guided accordingly.


    Progressing from one class of membership to another.

    A current member, who already holds a membership in any particular class may progress to other classes of membership by:-

    1) Simply writing to the Committee, advising of such intent, including their membership number.

    2) Upon approval by the Committee, member would be required to settle any fees relating to administration and membership as necessary in order to finalise the process.

    3) Member would be required to surrender any valid membership cards which may still be in one’s possession to the Club Secretariat.


    All requests for membership will be acknowledged accordingly.

    Membership validation may take up to three months processing time.