The Royal Malta Yacht Club depends on its volunteer members.

The success of the many events organised by the RMYC is attributed to the help we receive from our volunteers.  Events such as the Rolex Middle Sea Race and the many races in the Club’s Racing Calendar focus around a group of people who give their time to make sure that events such as these are a great success for the Club.

Volunteers don’t have to be an active sailor to participate in the many events that are conducted out of the RMYC. There are a variety of interesting roles that can be undertaken that are an integral part of a successful event or function. For many years the Royal Malta Yacht Club has found the support of volunteers to manage weekend races for Club boats through to being involved in the starting procedures of the Rolex Middle Sea Race.

Volunteers also enjoy the possibility of learning race management skills and the camaraderie that comes with being part of a team that has many varied responsibilities. Individual volunteers work on major national and international regattas. Although this requires a lot of work, these regattas offer the chance to meet sailors from all over the world.

Year-in and year-out, RMYC members respond to the call and lend a helping hand. Committees are organized to manage the operations and events of the Club and here too members and helpers are always welcome.

With so many sailing and social events scheduled throughout the year there is no shortage of opportunities for volunteers to lend a hand.

All those who are interested in becoming an RMYC volunteer please send an email to: